What do you get when you combine passion for music with versatility?

You get Jannabi Das, the quirky playback and live singer who seamlessly fuses Indian with the western style of music. She does not just play around with music, but breathes and lives for it.

Jannabi’s music is all about experimenting with different styles of musical genres, which gives her a unique identity on stage.

She already has quite a few impressive entries on her burgeoning resume. She has done scratches and playback singing for several Bollywood stalwarts such as Priyanka Chopra, Soha Ali Khan, Sharmila Tagore, Raveena Tandon, Karishma Kapoor.

Jannabi has also done some notable work for Monte Carlo, Dominoz, ORS, Surya Bulbs, Bajaj Finance and the 2014 World Cup. She has also contributed for AIR FM and Zee TV with her characteristic aplomb.

Among others, she has done commercial work for T-Series , Universal and Kolkata Videos. She is a part of 3TP, an international fusion band and Suroor, a multi lingual commercial band.

She has also performed on several occasions with House of symphony (music ensemble and production house) , The Neemrana Music Foundation (opera musical ). She has infused all of these musical projects with her unique and unconventional style.

Jannabi has developed her inimitable, deep sound over several years. Hailing from a family with traditions seeped in Bengali theatre and music and Punjabi music, her chosen line of work seems inevitable but Jannabi has sacrificed and put in the work, honing her craft, always pushing her limits. She has an immense liking and control over Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Western music. This has been the biggest reason for her advancement in catering to multi-lingual playback assignments and live performances since 2010.