“ A song that speaks out your unsaid feelings to someone special “

 Jannabi Das likes to spread music, emotions, feelings and her love for music, all the time. To help the less musically endowed serenade their loved ones; Jannabi has brought an opportunity for all her viewers all over the world to #requestasong with #jannabidas. This musical initiative  helps Jannabi’s viewers connect to their special ones in a very special way – A customized Song!

 So if you like, convert your feelings or customize your messages form words to a magical rhythm of love and happiness. All you have to do is type #requestasong with #jannabidas – “song’s name” with “your customized message” and tell us who you want Jannabi to gift it to.

 Gift a meaningful lyrical song, a song that speaks your language your way in Jannabi’s style.


Occasions can be any!

Reasons are many!

If you think Jannabi’s voice can make your special one’s day more memorable, #giftasong to them as a memory for a lifetime. Simply request Jannabi to customize your message into a beautiful lyrical song, and you never know when she might surprise you and your dear ones.